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Should I pre-wash my fabrics?
Quilt shop fabrics are excellent quality, but that doesn't mean the colors won't run, especially hand-dyed fabrics. Some fabrics have to be washed more than once to remove all of the excess dye and ometimes you can't pre-wash for whatever reason, but our suggestion is to pre-wash everything if you can. We have seen & heard too many "bleeding color" stories to say different. Wash lights & darks seperate. We wash on gentle in warm water and tumble low or line dry, but you may find you prefer other methods. If you do not pre-wash, sometimes the fabrics will bleed or shrink. If it shrinks, it can give the quilt a sort of "antique" look, which can be a preferred look. Overall, it is personal preference on pre-washing or not.

How much backing & batting do I need?
A general rule is to have 4" extra on each side of your quilt, or 8" total in both directions. When taking it to a longarm quilter, they usually prefer this. If you are quilting it yourself, it is personal preference. Many people find they don't need this much. When figuring backing, base it off of 40" width on fabrics. Also, check out our extra-wide backings--they're 108" or wider, which means no seams!
Click here for extra-wide backing fabrics...
Click here for batting...

How do I figure out how much binding I need?

-Straight-grain Binding: Measure the perimeter of your quilt- (all sides) in inches. Take the total number of inches and divide this number by 35. We divide by 35 because this is the approx. length you'll have left on each strip after mitering strips together and cutting off selvedges.
For ex: a 40" square quilt: Total perimeter in inches=160" / 35 = 4.57
So, 4.57 is the number of strips you will need. So you would round up & cut 5 strips, usually 2 1/4" - 2 1/2" wide by at least 40" to bind your project. This is always an approximate number, but it is very accurate.

-Bias Binding: Measure the perimeter of your quilt- (all sides) in inches. Take the total number of inches and multiply this number by the width of strips you plan to cut, usually 2 ¼" - 2 ½" wide. Then find the square root (there is usually a square root button located on calculators). The number given is the size square, in inches, you will need to start out with.

When do I use straight-grain binding vs. bias binding?
Straight grain is the most commonly used method. It is used on most projects. Bias binding is intended more for curves, but can be used any time if you prefer. Bias binding will wear better than straight-grain.

How do I store my quilts?
The best thing to store your quilts in is something natural, like cotton, bamboo, etc. You can purchase storage bags or simply make a bag yourself. Never store quilts in plastic or airtight containers that can't breathe. Keep quilts out of damp places, direct sunlight & anywhere dirt, bugs, animals, etc can get to them. The best way to store them is rolling them up, instead of folding. If you cannot roll them, just make sure to re-fold them in a new way every so often, so the creases are not always the same.

How do I wash my quilts?

Washing can be done in many ways. It also depends how the quilt is used & the condition it is in. You can wash & dry in your own laundry machines, wash by hand or take to a cleaner. Not all drycleaners will clean quilts. If you wash by machine or hand, you can use any detergent, but there are a few quilt soaps on the market, especially for those you value more. Follow directions of manufacturer's on any soaps you purchase. These are general instructions, each quilt may vary in the care it needs.

Fabric Info

Yardage Increments
1/8 yard = 4 1/2" (0.125)
1/6 yard = 6" (0.17)
1/4 yard = 9" (0.25)
1/3 yard = 12"(0.33)
3/8 yard = 13 1/2" (0.375)
1/2 yard = 18" (0.5)
5/8 yard = 22 1/2" (0.625)
2/3 yard = 24" (0.67)
3/4 yard = 27" (0.75)
7/8 yard = 31 1/2" (0.875)
1 yard = 36" (1)

Fat Eighth = 9" x 20"
Fat Quarter = 18" x 20"
Mini Charms- 2 1/2" squares
Charm Packs- 5" squares
Jelly Rolls- 2 1/2" strips
Layer Cakes- 10" squares

Since colors can vary on each computer/devices as well as dye lots in fabric, actual colors may vary from what you see on your computer/device.

Future delivery items will have the expected month of arrival to the shop stated on the page or by the item. All future delivery dates are estimates from the manufacturer. Please see our policies for more info on pre-orders.